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Private Lessons

A private one-on-one session with PGA Professional Jim Pavlik is a great way to learn the game. He will focus on your goals and work with you in any area of the game you wish to improve. He has the expertise to work on short game, full swing, specialty shots, course management and anything in between.

Signing up for a series of lessons is a great way for a beginner or even an experienced tournament player to develop their skills quickly and more efficiently. An individual lesson series is the best way to take your game to the next level, especially if you have been stuck at the same playing ability for longer than you would like. In order to improve at this game, you need proper instruction, many repetitions, and the correct attitude. If you have all three your potential in this game is unlimited.

Jim is available for lessons at your request and will work with your schedule and goals. He is eager to see his students improve and experience more fun out of the game.

Jim Pavlik, PGA Head Golf Professional

Jim has more than 30 years of teaching experience. Jim has worked with some of America's Top 100 golf instructors as rated by Golf Digest. He not only works on the physical aspects of the golf swing, but he also coaches the mental side of the game to ensure his students are fully prepared to play the game. Jim was awarded the Philadelphia PGA Section Junior Instructor of the year.

2017 Lesson Rates

Private 45 Min. $75 (includes video analysis)

3 Private 45 Min. $190 (includes video analysis)

Chris Kasheta, GM PGA Golf Professional

Chris has over 20 years of experience teaching golf to players of all abilities. He believes that golf will be more fun when you simplify the motion you already make. Solid fundamentals and an explanation to why a fault happens will help you enjoy the game more. He will strive to make you more consistent; a key goal for most golfers.

2017 Lesson Rates

Private 50 Min. $90   

Private 30 Min. $55

Private 50 Min. Junior (8yrs.-16yrs.) $70

Private 30 Min. Junior (8yrs.-16yrs.) $40