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Announcement From Red Tail Golf Club

To Our Valued Patrons of Red Tail Golf Club,  

We are extremely excited to announce that we will be breaking ground on a major capital improvement plan to Red Tail Golf Club beginning Wednesday, June 23, 2021. This plan will focus on four key areas of improvement:

  • Complete Renovation of the Driving Range
  • Clubhouse Modernization
  • Improving Course Conditions
  • Improving the Food & Beverage Operation at the Club

Our first key area of focus will be a complete renovation of the Driving Range. This renovation will include doubling the grass tee area, a reconfiguration of the layout with the additions of practice target greens, new irrigation, range mats and fixtures. This project is extremely intensive and will require us to bring in approximately 2,500 truckloads of topsoil to complete. Our goal is to create a practice facility that matches the quality of the golf course.   

The Range project will be completed in two phases: 

  1. Phase 1 will begin Wednesday, June 23, 2021 and will continue until August 19, 2021. During that time the Driving Range will be closed and all play will begin on Hole #10 for those eight weeks. In this phase, we will be bringing approximately 20,000 yards of soil to the back half of the driving range. The Driving Range will tentatively reopen on Friday, August 20, 2021.
  2. Phase 2 will begin on Monday, October 12 and will continue until our planned reopening of the Range in mid–May 2022. This phase will include final grading, the addition of drainage and irrigation, hydroseeding of the site, and installation of the new fixtures.

To help offset some of the inconvenience to customers during the 2021 Golf Season, we will be adding two TrackMan Virtual Golf Simulators that may be used before the round inside the clubhouse (second floor). The TrackMan are ready to use by request!


Current Driving Range Overview (Before Renovation):

Current Range 

Current Player View:

player view current range

Future Driving Range Renderings (Yardage is approximate):

overview approx yardages

player view no yardages

The second key area of focus will be modernizing the clubhouse during the off-season, scheduled to begin mid-November. This project will include a complete renovation of the lower level including updated restrooms, new carpet, fixtures, paint, and an overall refreshed feel when you walk into Red Tail. This work will also heavily focus on renovation of the kitchen with new equipment to accommodate the Food & Beverage operation outlined as follows.

Our third key area of focus will be improving the overall course conditions at the club. To start, we have begun resodding multiple tee boxes and will continue to focus on maintaining fantastic tees, especially on the Par 3’s. We have invested over $500,000 in new maintenance equipment orders for the course that will be arriving over the next three months. Included in the new equipment package is a machine that we will use to overseed the fairways. This will aid in rejuvenation of the fairways that are still showing extreme signs of play from the heightened demand last season. 

Lastly, we will be tackling the major issue of the Food & Beverage operation at Red Tail. We are excited to finally announce that we have hired an Executive Chef who will be joining us in July. We plan to offer a more normalized Food & Beverage experience by mid-July to offer traditional pub style food for the remainder of the 2021 Season. A complete kitchen overhaul to include new equipment and flow will also be completed during the off-season to allow more efficiency and different seasonal menus beginning in 2022!

We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to continuing the amazing legacy of Red Tail Golf Club as we make it the signature course of our portfolio.

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