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Hole by Hole Tour

Hole 1 - Railroad


Black - 410 Silver - 375 Gold - 354 Green - 317 Blue - 280
Par 4 A slightly uphill drive to a landing area framed by a gravel pit right and bunkers left.  This hole follows the railroad for its entire length.  Hit your approach shot slightly right to bounce off the kickback slope short of the green.


Hole 2 - Tanks Crossing


Black - 570 Silver - 568 Gold - 516 Green - 461 Blue - 409
Par 5  After a narrow drive zone, this hole widens dramatically, turning right and uphill. The area between the first and second landing area has been used for years for tanks crossing. The raised putting surface is contoured to create a number of individual "greens".


Hole 3 - Fade

Par 3  Hit a fade on this hole that is shaped from left to right. Bailing out to the left will take advantage of a kick back slope. Bailing out to the right is a method of play on this hole that you won't want to repeat!
Black - 185 Silver - 170 Gold - 170 Green - 151 Blue - 125


Hole 4 - Collection

Par 5  A drive zone set in a valley well below the tees sets the proper tone on a hole where earth forms have been developed with the concept of collection in mind. Reachable in two, the second shot is blind, but the green and surrounds funnel shots to the center of the putting surface.
Black - 527 Silver - 525 Gold - 512 Green - 426 Blue - 401


Hole 5 - Draw

Par 3  A perfect complement to the first par three on this nine, a draw is the ideal way to shape the tee shot. The deep valley between the tee and the green is definitely not the place to miss it on this uphill hole.
Black - 178 Silver - 161 Gold - 161 Green - 142 Blue - 121


Hole 6 - Discussion

Par 4  A topped tee shot or one hit well left will stimulate plenty of discussion on this short par four where accuracy is more important than length. The green drops off sharply left and rear, so take one less club and let your approach shot bounce onto the putting surface.
Black - 365 Silver - 365 Gold - 331 Green - 295 Blue - 264


Hole 7 - Long

Par 4  A well struck tee shot with a slight draw will catch the sharp downslope in the landing area and will make this long hole play surprisingly short. A green surrounded by a close cut chipping area is framed by large oaks and pines.
Black - 481 Silver - 427 Gold - 400 Green - 381 Blue - 337


Hole 8 - Shiloh

Par 4  This short par four plays among the oaks that used to shelter the housing area known as Shiloh. Tee shot placement is critical here to allow for the approach shot that is more testing than it appears due to the narrow raised green that can't be missed to the right.
Black - 323 Silver - 323 Gold - 306 Green - 274 Blue - 251


Hole 9 - Pines

Par 4  Bunkers left and right frame the drive zone, where a drive long and right finds trouble. It's carry all the way to the green on the approach on this long par four, where the pines that line the left side of the fairway and frame the green give the hole much of its character.
Black - 461 Silver - 418 Gold - 374 Green - 372 Blue - 332


Hole 10 - Foundations

Par 5  The rolling terrain found on this fairway is largely the result of housing foundations that formerly lined this area. Second shots that skirt the large bunker left will have the best angle into this narrow green.
Black - 561 Silver - 520 Gold - 507 Green - 453 Blue - 402


Hole 11 - Gravel Pit

Par 3  The old Patch Road gravel pit did a wonderful job of shaping the golf hole on this dramatic par three. An extended bail out fairway for the faint of heart lends a little forgiveness to the "carry" nature of the tee shot.
Black - 169 Silver - 169 Gold - 154 Green - 137 Blue - 121


Hole 12 - Slide

Par 4  The fairway bunker long and left is a good aiming point for a tee shot hit with a slight fade. Rather than naming any thoughts prior to hitting a shot, the hole is designated for the vintage American slide that remains to the rear of the green.
Black - 362 Silver - 360 Gold - 352 Green - 314 Blue - 278


Hole 13 - Narrow

Par 4  It's a narrow play corridor on this par four that mirrors the shot shaping required on the previous hole. The green accepts run up shots but take care not to be long or you'll find the rear bunker, one of the more daunting bunkers to be found on the course.
Black - 367 Silver - 364 Gold - 342 Green - 306 Blue - 271


Hole 14 - Disappears

Par 4  The great view from the bluff tee includes the green on this moderately long par four. Enjoy the view of the green from the tee as it disappears once players reach the fairway. The punchbowl green gives great forgiveness to the approach shot, if not the putting.
Black - 440 Silver - 399 Gold - 380 Green - 356 Blue - 316


Hole 15 - Deception

Par 3  Choose your club carefully on this dramatic downhill par three. The elevated tees, combined with the deception created by bunkers well short of the putting surface make club selection more problematic than you might initially think.
Black - 216 Silver - 181 Gold - 181 Green - 157 Blue - 133


Hole 16 - Willies

Par 4  Don't let the view from the landing area give you the willies. Though framed by bunkers left, right and long, there is ample landing area on this par four which is slightly uphill to the landing area and then dramatically downhill to the green.
Black - 413 Silver - 411 Gold - 368 Green - 329 Blue - 292


Hole 17 - Bunkers

Par 4  No, this hole isn't named for its large expanse of sand. This area was formerly dotted with ammunition storage bunkers, several of which can still be seen well to the right of the green on this "bite off what you dare" dog leg right.
Black - 406 Silver - 390 Gold - 385 Green - 344 Blue - 305


Hole 18 - Temptation

Par 5  Drive it down the left side to avoid the deep grass bunker on the right of the drive zone and to gain extra distance from the down hill slope in the landing area for long tee shots. Good tee shots will be faced with the temptation of going for this water protected green in two, a decision made all the more challenging by the knowledge that the results will be played out in full view of those relaxing on the deck of the 19th hole. Regardless of your score, enjoy the soothing sounds of the waterfall to the right of the green.
Black - 572 Silver -572 Gold - 499 Green - 439 Blue - 411