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Our mantra is to keep our products new, fresh and desirable. Being an upscale-daily-fee golf course, our clientele is ever changing with a broad scope of apparel and equipment needs.

We are always looking for the newest trends in apparel to mix with traditional favorites and our goal is to carry the latest fashions in both golf and street wear. We rely heavily on the knowledge of our local sales reps, as well as the PGA Merchandise Shows; keeping us ahead of the buying curve. We try to offer goods that are a little different from other golf shops in the area including sun protection attire from Foot Joy and SanSoliel.

We feature Titleist golf balls and gloves, Footjoy gloves, shoes, socks and outerwear. And we also wish to place and promise first class customer service.

Our employees are an important aspect of our merchandise goals. We educate and train each staff member on the different types of materials such as cotton vs. microfiber; waterproof vs. water-resistant; Pro V1 vs. Pro Vx etc.

With this ever-changing world, it is extremely important that our guests know the new advances being made with their garments and equipment and we rely on our golf shop staff to convey the latest trends to our customers. The more knowledge we pass on to the customers, the happier they are to purchase that particular item. It’s a win-win situation for all!