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Red Tail Golf Club is currently closed. Please check back soon.





What we are doing:

  1. The Pro Shop is closed. Please check in at the window. Signs will indicate the location. Credit cards only are accepted; no cash.
  2. Carts are unavailable. Carts will be sanitized after every round. 
  3. The building and outside deck are closed.
  4. The practice facilities are closed until further notice.
  5. There are no bag attendants. The cups are raised 1 inch. Touching the rim counts as going in the hole.

What you can do to help:

  1. Please do not visit Red Tail if you or anyone in your party are undergoing monitoring or quarantine, or if within the past two weeks you have 1) had any cold symptoms, 2) visited an area or business where coronavirus is widespread, or 3) had contact with anyone to whom this applies. This policy also applies to our employees. We reserve the right not to host golfers who appear to be unwell.
  2. Please maintain at least 6 feet of separation from other golfers. In practice, we expect this will usually be several hundred feet, except for your own party. Please wait to approach the tees until the party in front of you has left them.
  3. Leave the flagstick in the cup at all times. If the ball hits the raised cup rim, it counts as going in the hole.
  4. Do not share or handle other players’ equipment. Replace handshakes with a tip of the cap, shoe bump, club tap, bow or other gesture.
  5. Consider packing hand sanitizer or wipes in your golf bag.
  6. Don’t pick up random, stray balls
  7. You can use your cell phone and the free Swing by Swing app (https://www.swingbyswing.com/) for on-course GPS.    
We appreciate the trust that you place in Red Tail Golf Club. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and take actions necessary to help keep our customers and employees safe, while providing the top quality golf experience you expect from Red Tail.
Have a great time enjoying yourself in splendid isolation in the great outdoors!